Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for the CanWork Program?

CanWork invites undergraduate students to apply who meet the following criteria:

  • Second year status (completed first year of study)
  • Program of study includes the option to participate in cooperative education
Check if your field of study has optional or mandatory participation on the UVic Co-op and Career Services web page here. *Excluding the UVic Law Co-op Program. We are now supporting Computer Science students and International Students!

Are there GPA requirements?

Admission to the program does not aquire you to meet certain GPA requriements. We do encourage you to engage with the course materials, connect with your peers in the program and reflect on your strenghts and challenges.

What is the tuition fee for the CanWork program?

The tuition fee for the CanWork program falls under the category of all other co-op programs (undergraduate). You can find more information on the UVic co-op and Career Tuition Fees web page.

When will CanWork take place?

CanWork is currently recruiting students to participate in the IPP pre-employment preparation course starting January 25 2022. Students that participate in this cohort will be supported to find a work term in the Summer Term 2022. The next mandatory IPP course will be offered in the Summer term 2022. These students will be supported in fidnding a work experience during the Fall Term 2022.

Do I need to participate in a preparation course?

Like Co-operative education programs at UVic you will be required to participate in the Introduction to Proffessional Practice course (IPP). This course will be provided in a blended learning online format with plenty of opportunities to build conections and rapport with your job coach and peers. IPP course assignments are mandatory. Upon successful completion of the IPP course, you’ll be able to start searching and applying for co-op jobs through the Co-op + Career Services Portal.

When will the Introduction to Professional Practice course be offered?

Once we have identified that the program is a good fit for you, you will receive access to the online learning platform and asynchronous materials. Synchronous Zoom sessions will take place twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a span of 4-5 weeks. There are two sessions offered on each of the teaching days for your choosing, an afternoon lecture (12pm-1pm) and an evning lecture (5pm-6pm). The first session will start on Tuesday January 25th 2022.

What if I am not able to attend one (or more) of the synchronous Zoom classes?

Participation is encouraged, however we understand that there is not a one size fits all format to learning in a virtual environment. The IPP classes on Zoom will be recorded and posted within the IPP course, located in Brightspace. This allows you to view the recordings at your convenience. It remains the student responsibility to stay on track, please advise your job coach of any absences and follow up with them to assure you will not miss assignment deadlines.

What can I expect form the CanWork work term?

Job coaches will support you in connecting with a program approved employer. You will be able to count on support in all stages of the program. Job coaches can assist you in disclosing your barriers and requesting accomodations if needed.

Do I need to tell my employer that I identify as a person with a disability or mental health challenge?

While CanWork is a program that supports students that identify as having a disability or having mental health challenges. Disclosing your disability is your decision to make. It is also our mandate to support employers in making sure that our participants receive a supported environment where they can learn and bring their best self to work. Once a student obtains a work experience the job coach might advise your employer of your participation in CanWork. Job coaches will provide the employer with general information on how to better support employees that identify as having a disability or mental health challenges. This is a great opportunity to discuss your accommodation needs or to express that you do not need additional supports other then a supportive environment. You remain in control of what you share about yourself!

Can I work part-time?

The minimum requirement for a work term with CanWork is 315 hours. However, part-time opportunities will have to be established in collaboration with your employer and could be a part of your request for accommodations. You will be able to count on the support of your job coach to come to an agreement that will suit both you and the employer.

What happens after participation in CanWork?

Application requirements and procedures vary between co-op programs. Students who meet the requirements within their program of study can choose to join co-op and apply their CanWork work term towards a Co-op designation on their degree. Completion criteria vary slightly by program. If this is something you would like to learn more about, do not hesitate to discuss this with your CanWork job coach or the CanWork Manager.

My degree program has a mandatory participation in co-op. Why can't I participate?

The CanWork program is a limited program. CanWork does not have the capacity to support students that partake in co-op experiences with a mandatory component at the current time. Please note that experiences and feedback gathered through participating students will assist Co-op and Career Services to build a more sustainable and inclusive co-op program. Thank you for expressing interest in the CanWork program.

Is a work experience guaranteed?

The CanWork program is not a work placement program, it will be the student's final responsbility to find employment with support of their job coach and resources provided by the program. Searching for a work experience can be an extensive process, if you are having dificulties in meeting your academic expectations we advise against participating in the program.

What If I have already completed the mandatory IPP course?

If you have completed the mandatory IPP course, you will only be required to attend and complete the course material regarding the first and second lecture. This material is specific to the foundation of the CanWork program and involves education on rights, responisbilities in the workplace, disclosure and accommodations.

What if I am not eligible for the CanWork program?

UVic Co-op + Career Services is committed to serve all equity deserving students better and has created a new EDI-focused team that can support students that are not eligible to participate in the CanWork program. Please contact the Co-op Coordinator Accessibility and Inclusion at to learn more.