Connect with us

Start out by registering for the program. The registration form will give you a series of questions to determine if the CanWork program is right for you. If not, no worries! Connect with us anyways and we can direct you to the right resources.  


Match with a Job Coach

If you are an eligible applicant, you will receive a confirmation email from a Job Coach. Job Coaches provide individualized 1 on 1 support to you thoughout the work epeirnce within the CO OP program . This includes the job search, application materials, interview clinics, cover letter workshops and further insight to the Introduction to Professional Practice Program. 


Once a work experience is identified, the Job Coach is available provide support in the workplace, help make connections with co-workers and assist in requesting accommodations if needed. Throughout your work the Job Coach will connect regularly with you and your employer to make sure everyone is geared towards success.

Explore a Work Experience